Simone Onnis Couture is the vision of the eponymous Italian-born, New York-based designer. The brand fuses Simone's Mediterranean inspired aesthetic with his intimate understanding of movement to create a unique collection of red carpet-ready luxurious evening wear.

Simone attended fine arts school in Italy, where he learned to merge the seaside flair of his home (the stunning Italian island of Sardinia) with the classic concept of Italian chic. Inspired by a long tradition of painstakingly handmade pieces and high quality materials, the effortless elegance of la bella figura infuses every piece in the collection.

By the time he was a teenager, Simone was an internationally recognized champion ballroom dancer. His dance background provides him with a unique appreciation for fit and movement on the female form. In addition to the seasonal collections, Simone is also available to do Custom Designs for any occasion (red carpet, wedding, special event, etc.) as well as provide his expertise as a Personal Stylist.


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